Finish Snow labyrinth

Finish Snow laberynth

This evening i made a meditation labyrinth in the snow in the dark. I used a traditional design to see if i could successfully transpose a design from paper to the ground, and to learn how much space i actually need. Traditionally the meditation labyrinth is used to unwind and to help guide you to your center. While I write my thesis which will be a guided meditation on inaccuracies of our perception of nature and of the self I have been practicing meditation and hypnosis to understand the format. Walking a meditation labyrinth is supposed to bring clarity over obstacles and help to find one’s path. While walking my labyrinth for the first time i worried that i had made a mistake building it and that my path was looped or flawed. I realized that i needed to have faith and that the only way to see if it was the correct path was to follow it completely. I have been worrying that i made a mistake in coming to Finland, that i have arranged too long a trip and have been tempted to quit before carrying out my plans. The labyrinth has inspired me to carryout my plans before i decide that they were made hastily.

The affirmation i am using while studying self hypnosis is “I am exactly where I am supposed to be” ( as in “I am on the right path”) An affirmation I learnt from Sumi. If I still feel like I have made a mistake despite this continued meditation I will come home early.


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