Full-moonlit starry frozen lake

Full-moonlit starry frozen lake

I’ve spent a few days exploring Tampere, and a beautiful clear starry full-moonlit night walking around frozen farmers’ fields and down to a frozen lake after midnight photographing frost and sky. I decided that to collect the sound for my giant mobile installation of a cast of characters made from natural materials conversing I will ask people to describe a personal paradigm shift and record their answers. Each character will play one of these recordings from a tiny speaker.
This evening in the sauna I had a rethink of some of my long term book projects. The main realization is that yes I am a book maker. I knew as a child that I would grow up to make picture books but it always seemed to be very far in the future. I am still not ready but it’s getting closer. The mycophile pop-up book I wrote last year and have been taking photographs to illustrate, I’ve decided, will be illustrated in water color instead. The photos will be used to make another pop up identification guide. The guided meditation to soot anxiety will instead be a coloring book called Unwind.
The awareness sound piece I’ve learned is very close to a scientific test already in existence called the dichotic listening test. It consists of two tracts of language, one in a man’s voice and one in a woman’s. One makes sense and the other doesn’t, each is played into a different ear. This is exactly what I’ve been planning to do. I am very happy to use this to make a cognitive drawing similar to my video remix conceptual drawings.
I am beginning to doubt the artistic value of my thesis. It feels so much like a new media representation of pop science, which it is. I do see the value in presenting information scientifically and spiritually in an art context but am not certain that I can pull it off yet. I suppose it’s normal to struggle with my confidence in my thesis. Today I am wondering if I should focus instead on cognitive drawings as they seem to be my own concept and something I can clearly envision. The Unwind book is also a project I can very clearly envision and could probably produce completely with 40 hours a week for a month ( I have already written most of it). I am having trouble putting the project on the back burner and focusing on the reading and writing I need to do for my thesis, possibly because I’d does satisfy the desire to mix art, science and spirituality in a less subtle way.


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