Reinventing the wheel

Reinventing the wheel

10 years ago I loved to talk about the creative process. One of my fave topics to ponder was the point in a project that would always get me. I’d council other artists through that bump. The one where what you are working on does not look anything like what you had originally intended because it has mutated. It is in this utterly liminal faze where it does not exist because it has moved far from the original vision towards something else that has not shaped yet. I learned that this stage is easy to get through as long as I don’t lose momentum. Just power through and soon I will be able to see the project again. I just need faith that it will reappear and exist.
It’s ridiculous that I just described this exact experience to my partner about my thesis project. I described how I could not see the end result and how that was giving me doubts and anxiety. I need to embrace this experience. It proves that what I’m doing is new. If what the labyrinth taught we is true, only once I’ve finished the project can I judge its value. If I don’t like it when it exists I can do something else. Duh. This baby step approach is my classic tool to dealing with every other anxiety in life. I am completely equipped to deal with this. I always say that I love to learn to do the same old things in different ways. It feels like this is some trick I’m playing on myself where I don’t realize what I’m doing so I have to learn it all over again.


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