My intention with the work I am doing right now is to offer people a new perspective and perhaps a new kind of freedom. I sometimes worry that the ideas I am presenting will make people feel sick, frightened or lost/disoriented. I suppose my job is to make the art and let people respond to it however they will. (contradiction of the artist having to be thoughtfully manipulative of their audience – always thinking thoroughly of all conceptual and aesthetic decisions, but on the other hand having to absolutely relinquish control of how the viewer will experience the work which will inevitably stand independently from the artist and her intentions. Much like parenthood.)

When I started planning my thesis I wrote a list of ideas. I thought the text file would grow and be edited down into the script for my guided piece. Once I started doing some real research and trying to write about self-awareness all my original notes made no sense. Binaural beats, soul gazing and synchronized oscillation didn’t seem to fit in at all. Somehow it’s come full circle and it makes perfect sense. The piece will be a binaural recording of a guided meditation. Apparently binaural recordings are used to produce tingly feelings in listeners. The synchronized metronomes I was looking at in the fall are the link between planets orbiting in the same direction and human mimicry and neural synchronicity that I was looking for.


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