Artistic Process (Artist statement/rant)

talapia bath

I recently read an article about artistic practice that said “inspiration is for amateurs” and that “real artist just get to work”. Well, yes a regular practice of creating stuff is important. Stay in touch with your materials, but unless you are a production craftsman the point of being an artist is not just to produce loads of objects. I think it is better to aim to be prolific with ideas. Quality over quantity. I learned from drawing that it is important to step back and look at my work early in the process. to get the perspective and the idea right before you spend hundreds of hours rendering it and then step back and are embarrassed that the proportions are all wrong. This rule works with anything in life, relationships, home, and career: make sure the foundation is level before you spend your life working to fill it in.

I don’t need to look at other peoples work for inspiration, but I do spend a lot of time developing my ideas. Sketching and trying things is part of that. Indulging tangential exploration. Becoming expert in the techniques that I invent. Letting ideas grow over years. Making connections. I suppose if you are a painter you can think while you paint, but I find walking, driving and having baths to be great exercises for thinking free of distractions. Just focus on the work and the ideas. I spend a lot of time practicing in my head.


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