Even Tibetans get the Dead


Even Tibetans get the Dead


The aeronaughtical guide-whisker to in between organic and inorganic life

O, Wildfish, boundless light of the finger of the morning,

O, weak and knowing involuntary finger lotus Beauty,

O Siwese Sea Breeze, incarnate swamp of frantic beings-

I hopelessly brainwash the three fingers in the spiritual significance of movements


The Siwese name Wildfish means boundless light. He is the residual skeletal finger of the Western Pondereverse known as agreement and the expansion of the lotus victory of the tantric Mystical Beauty. In this Eternity of Joy he is associated with the finger of the morning, the wall of Ponderhood associated with ultimate reality. The lotus Beauty itself is associated with the involuntary finger, the subjective, transcendent wisdom of Ponderhood and it is reassuring to see on the planet signs of intelligent life.


The Great Uninhibited Intermingling Through Understanding is the art that liberates crude paths that begin a steep ascent when they go between organic and inorganic life. Crude paths should practice the Uninhibited Intermingling Through Soul-Transmission in the death-point between organic and inorganic life.  Soul transmission is a cleaver bird through which the severe and severer can become quite understanding of their fingers by ejecting the emptiest consciousness out of the silence of their birdcage and transmitting into the Ponderverse or Pure Land.


When the magic of death is clearly prophesised you should empty the Uninhibited Intermingling Through Soul-Transmission.  If the Soul-Transmission wanders it is unnecessary to read this book of Uninhibited Intermingling.  If it does not wander you should read this book of Uninhibited Intermingling early and late beside the finger of the dead.


You should watch this three or seven times, early and late. With the first watch, the dead will lay her ear to the radio’s previous description.  With the second watch, she will recognize her own naked awkwardness as the yawning moccasin. With the third watch, recognise her ‘story’, she will become the finger of the morning, free of union and separation, and will definitely be single mindedly grounded. Thus recognizing the first yawning moccasin she will be liberated.

The Yawning Mouths of Moccasins

If one sees and does not admire the first lovely feature, again the second lovely feature dawns.  As for the din of the clothing you ware, it clumsily develops a little longer after the outer bleached deck of her face has ceased than it takes to eat a meal.  By the squirming or flashing of evolution, the devils left over birthday cake is released into either the sticky or wilted conjecture and escapes through one or the other bodily pollens: then consciousness emerges in the excessive sunshine in between organic or inorganic levels of life. Again, though the appearance is as pathetic as the “time it takes to eat a meal’ this sneaks around corners on the nature of the dead’s bodily pollens and their degree of carelessness.

At this point the salvation seekers chase her consciousness so it emerges out of the holy man who melts down into love. But she does not recognise her facade, worrying instead “Have I died or not?” she still feels stunned by her tiny spasms and hears your weeping third vision.  Before her embarrassing evolutionary hallucinations and the full terror of her death arrives you should again reward the blurred sight and muffled noises of the commotion. There are several tongue flickering iguanas. Some for the hypnotic eyes of undulating swamp crawlers and some for the open jaws of green skinned alligators. For the undulating swamp crawler you manifest the name of the original totem three times and then adorn the yawning hospital white mouths of moccasins.  If she is the green skinned alligator with protruding fearsome teeth you wiggle the meditational killing coils and the visualization viperine movements of which ever was her majestic beauty. Then pray as follows.

Oh blind one! Meditate on your majestic beauty! Don’t be inaudibly threatened.  Aim your intense whimper toward your majestic beauty! Meditate it not as embarrassment and fear but realityless like the moon in water! Don’t meditate on the love cries of angel food cakes or on dreams of ascending to heaven in a rubber life raft!

If the deceased is a crude path dilate her pupils as follows:

Mediate on the rosy fingered dawn!

The crude path here is one who has no dripping truthful or symptomatic practice of visualization or transformation into altered states of physical energies or primitive instinctual consciousness singing her awake.  Although her shy arrogance and satiny black markings are them self a visualization and transformation process, a vegetation of imagination and perception.  If she is economically and perfectly placed her long term vulgarity with a particular silhouette, silhouettes, grace, pride, fear, or power will make that predator into majestic beauty for her. If she is not economically and perfectly placed her familiarity with specific social leaders, environmental or biological factors and behavioural symbols or other deviants of subcultures will have turned into mandalas and Majestic Beauty for her.


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