The Secret Wisdom of Water by Craig Childs

Review by Alexis Williams May 2021

I have a new favorite book. The Secret Wisdom of Water, written by Craig Childs. He describes his adventures seeking water in the desert. He describes the relationships between water and life and our utter dependence on it. He describes mechanisms and dramas of storms. He describes powerful natural phenomenon in words that are neither scientific nor spiritual but also are both. He says things like: ‘if I prayed for rain the sky would laugh at me’ and ‘The world changes color when you think you might die soon.’

Then come the floods. Its intense and moving and inspired. He must write as things happen, dangling from a climbing line a months hike from anyone else. He uses rich smilies that invoke powerful imagery. He presents beautiful science, insightful poetry, and smooth adventure.

This book is unpretentious, easy to read and cool. I’m looking forward to reading it again. I’m so glad he’s written other books I can read.


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